GOT MY PHONE!!! :) Doesn't work... :(

Ken Young rtm at
Fri Jul 10 05:21:25 CEST 2009

ET wrote:
> OK, this is part of the problem (I think)
> My sim card is:
> 63513    G       3001    64k smartchip   does not respond to at+cimi
> Which is listed as:
> "SIM cards that don't work with original gsm firmware"
> Now, I read it somewhere, but how do I open an SSH session into this thing
> so I can follow those steps?
> How do I get a keyboard on the screen?
> Thanks!
> ET

You might want to ask questions like this on the openmoko IRC channel.
There's nothing wrong with sending them to this list, but if you're having
problems just getting started, I'll bet you'll find getting help on
the IRC channel to be more efficient.

Glad you got your phone!

Ken Young

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