GOT MY PHONE!!! :) Doesn't work... :(

Russell Dwiggins undrwater at
Fri Jul 10 06:27:38 CEST 2009

I'll make a couple of assumptions:
1)You're in the US
2)The OS SDG loaded is QTopia or it's ilk.

If assumption 1 is correct; Go to your local AT&T store, show them your SIM
card (I'll bet it's corroded if it broke the Treo on the way out), tell them
to give you a replacement, put the replacement in your Freerunner, smile :).

If the AT&T geeks tell you you need to upgrade, buy, or in any other way pay
for a new SIM, look at them like they just lied to you, and repeat your
request.  If that fails, go to another store, or ask for a manager. They can
replace your SIM free of charge.

Russell Dwiggins

> OK, this is part of the problem (I think)
> My sim card is:
> 63513 	 G 	 3001 	 64k smartchip 	 does not respond to at+cimi

> Which is listed as:
> "SIM cards that don't work with original gsm firmware" 

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