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Actually Dictator does not manipulate any state-file.
It provides its own. One for playing files that has been recorded, one for recording.
It loads the recording-state and changes two switches, depending on what you'd like to record.
It backups the previous state and reloads it when it is done.

You have to change the state of alsa if you want to record a phonecall. I think there is no alternative!
It's easier to do with a ready state-file than by manipulating every single switch!

At all, if you want something working automatically, you just have to listen for incoming calls (via dbus?) and when one is coming, you have to start (e.g.) a script 
which loads a state with which you can record a call simultaneously and start arecord and end when you hang up.


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I would think it would be easy, but given how many people have tried 
to do it and ended up with rather unsatisfactory solutions (sorry 
Dictator folks, but manipulating the statefiles just doesn't feel 
like a clean solution...), I think it is not as easy as it sounds. 
But then, what in the Freerunner is?... Apparently, no-one has 
figured out how to reliably do bluetooth calls yet either. :(

Also beware, if you're in the US, it's illegal to record calls 
without warning the other party.
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