Record call.

Ed Kapitein ed at
Fri Jul 10 15:28:30 CEST 2009

Thanks Matthias,

Seems like a fine solution to me, what switches are set to what value?
I would like to record both the incomming voice and my own voice.
Implementing this in a script seems not to difficult too.

Kind regards,

On Fri, 2009-07-10 at 15:15 +0200, Matthias Felsche wrote:
> Actually Dictator does not manipulate any state-file.
> It provides its own. One for playing files that has been recorded, one for recording.
> It loads the recording-state and changes two switches, depending on what you'd like to record.
> It backups the previous state and reloads it when it is done.
> You have to change the state of alsa if you want to record a phonecall. I think there is no alternative!
> It's easier to do with a ready state-file than by manipulating every single switch!
> At all, if you want something working automatically, you just have to listen for incoming calls (via dbus?) and when one is coming, you have to start (e.g.) a script 
> which loads a state with which you can record a call simultaneously and start arecord and end when you hang up.
> Matthias
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> I would think it would be easy, but given how many people have tried 
> to do it and ended up with rather unsatisfactory solutions (sorry 
> Dictator folks, but manipulating the statefiles just doesn't feel 
> like a clean solution...), I think it is not as easy as it sounds. 
> But then, what in the Freerunner is?... Apparently, no-one has 
> figured out how to reliably do bluetooth calls yet either. :(
> Also beware, if you're in the US, it's illegal to record calls 
> without warning the other party.
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