[SHR-unstable] The date in Dates is incorrect

Adam Jimerson vendion at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 18:37:55 CEST 2009

On Wednesday 08 July 2009 09:21:17 pm W.Kenworthy wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-07-08 at 15:05 -0400, Adam Jimerson wrote:
> > On Wednesday 08 July 2009 01:50:04 am jeremy jozwik wrote:
> > > its no minor bug. in the PST8PDT timezone the day would get switched
> > > after 6 pm. which is completely unhelpful. i put an email on the
> > > pimlico mailing list and have no response in over 2 months. have since
> > > switched to gpe-calendar
> >
> > I have tried gpe-calendar have found a major issue with it usability wise
> > for me it is slow and unresponsive, also between it and ffalrams I think
> > it messed up the ata deamon so now I have to do a weird work around for
> > ffalarms to both schedule and alarm and to have it go off:
> Immediately after booting, restart atd and everything works fine.
> "/etc/init.d/atd restart"
> Seems it starts too early in the boot process.

That does the trick ffalamrs works correctly after doing that, I wonder if 
someone can do something to fix this issue with atd and release an updated 
package in the shr feeds.
"We must plan for freedom, and not only for security, if for no other reason 
than only freedom can make security more secure."  Karl Popper
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