running windows mobile applications on openmoko

mobi phil mobi at
Sun Jul 12 19:50:27 CEST 2009

> I'm not sure if it is possible, but I'd like to see a full qemu kvm
> emulating a virtual platform compatible with WinCE, this should be
> possible (see VMware mobile virtualization) and may be easier and more
> compatible than rewriting wine.
> The interesting thing in doing that is to use some real missing
> software for the freerunner and the FOSS in general as complete and
> usable gps navigation system or the wanted skype client.
> Regards


Was not aware about VMWare for mobile... Thanks for that.. have a look at
it... However qemu would not do the job very well without kernel based
virtualisation... (kvm) or? If you run an application on virtualisation
layer, that could run slower, than through a compatibility layer. However
with hardware support for virtualisation, on x86 (intel/amd) systems the
programs almost run as they would run on the host. On the other side running
a virtual machine means aditional kernel and system that needs aditional
memory etc... so probably now is more appropiate to have things like ages
ago WINE on PC'.

anybody any idea if kvm can be used on arm linux? I think not.. I do not
think there is any virtualization engine running on arm... or?

mobi phil

being mobile, but including technology
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