running windows mobile applications on openmoko

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Sun Jul 12 22:23:02 CEST 2009

> This discussion is fruitless anyways. WINE allows you to run x86
> programs in the PE format (which is the DOS/Windows executable format,
> as opposed to the ELF used by linux) and provides much of the libraries
> these programs expect. It doesn't change the fact that these programs
> are compiled to be run on intel-compatable opcodes, and it would take
> an emulator to use programs written for windows on an ARM processor
> like the freerunner.
> As for something like WINE but for Windows CE, that would have a
> smaller scope then the WINE project but you still have specialized
> libraries for the mobile api (stuff like the mobile version of directx,
> bluetooth libraries, etc). A quick googling shows that the loader will
> work according to this[1] thread, so there is hope at least.
> And mobi, Nicola: virtualization requires processor support for
> emulating the given architecture. This is why using qemu to emulate a
> x86 is so much slower then using qemu+kvm to emulate a x86: in the
> latter case the processor is doing some of the work instead of the
> software. I don't know of any case of a processor virtualizing an
> architecture besides itself, except for x86-64 processors virtualizing
> for a x86.
> [1]-
> Joseph Booker
>  <>
Thanks for pointing to that discussion... I conclude from it that at least
loading the applications is not so "difficult" to implement...

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