Re: The University of São Paulo's intent to join Openmoko development

john jptmoore at
Mon Jul 13 15:48:13 CEST 2009

Re: OpenLab

2009/7/13 Jon 'maddog' Hall <maddog at>:
> Brenda,
>> Brenda Wang wrote:
>>> +1
>>> It's really great to hear this.
>>> In Taiwan, Tsing Hua university also has a OPENlab.
> I would like to work with the community to engage various universities,
> but as I have mentioned before, with limited resources and a press to
> get the Openmoko program stable and moving forward again, I think we
> need to do this systematically and directly.
> In the meantime, do you have a contact name for the OPENlab at Tsing Hua
> University?
> Warmest regards,
> maddog

I made some contact with Openmoko regarding joining their Openlab
programme a while back now and need to follow that up. We have created
an MSc in Network and Mobile Computing which has a module designed to
specifically use "Openmoko". The MSc starts this September so I am
very interested to share ideas and help spread the love.



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