why openmoko is so slow? Is it a joke?

Ben Wong lists.openmoko.org at wongs.net
Mon Jul 13 21:30:29 CEST 2009

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 8:51 AM, Jon 'maddog' Hall<maddog at li.org> wrote:
> Hello mobiphil,
>>and use those phones as reference...Again, M800 has
>>keyboard, very usefull for a linux phone. Only drawback, it has only
>>64megs memory, but better have less applications running smoother, than
>>several slower... So ... whatsoever would be the device...
> Stating this you show that you completely misunderstood the goals of the
> Openmoko project.  Porting the Linux kernel and having the upper levels
> of software interface available on a phone designed and manufactured by
> Samsung is completely different than having software running on hardware
> platform that is completely community driven, open in design and
> manufacturing specification, changeable and freely licensable to many
> manufacturers.

Thank you, Maddog, for your trenchant comment.  I was having trouble
verbalizing a response to mobiphil, but you've hit it exactly.  To
consider Openmoko a failure for having lower GPU performance is to
misunderstand what Openmoko is about.  From my point of view, Openmoko
is a success that is still unfolding.  I have exactly what I want, a
free as in freedom phone and an active community of people to hack
with.  That's what I paid my money for.


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