Sms-sentry "patch" : call me back

Evgeniy Ginzburg nad.oby at
Tue Jul 14 14:43:43 CEST 2009

kimaidou пишет:
> Hi all
> I wanted to be able to send a sms to my freerunner (with another phone) 
> and then "make it" call me back on this another phone.
> So I installed sms-sentry, and then add this few lines to 
> /usr/bin/sms-sentry in the function "on_incomming_message", just after 
> the bloc "if contents.startswith("sentry")"
> [code]
> if contents.startswith("my_secret_password"):
>     print "Calling back the sms sender"
>     mycommand = 'mdbus -s org.freesmartphone.ogsmd 
> /org/freesmartphone/GSM/Device org.freesmartphone.GSM.Call.Initiate 
> u\\"' + sender + '\\" u\\"voice\\"'
>     res = os.popen(mycommand)
>     print "Appel en cours"
> [/code]
> Then you can try to send you a sms with the content : my_secret_password 
> , and a call should be initiated.
> I personnaly use it to listent to my baby when I go to some friends and 
> she sleps in another room.
> NB :
> * it is very rough. If someone knows how to handle properly the dbus 
> command to initiate the call with the dbus python bindings, please help :D
> * You can change the "my_secret_password" into whichever password you like.
> * Be aware that you will pay for the call initiated by your freerunner 
> (it calls you back !).
> * Be carefull to respect the indentation of the python script.
> * I hope the email won't break the lines between the [code]

Very impressive!
So it'll be very easy to track you Frerunner back.
Just add call to some script to silently report GPS location by SMS or 
(ab)using GRPS connection.
And AFAIR it was heavily requested feature some time ago (considering 
SIM wasn't replaced yet).

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