Sms-sentry "patch" : call me back

kimaidou kimaidou at
Tue Jul 14 15:06:01 CEST 2009

I have to be more precise here : All the credit of the sms related things
are for the king author of sms-sentry, NOT ME :D

With sms-sentry (without my patch), you already can get back the gps
position of your freerunner (if it can get any gps fix) by sending an sms
with the content "sentry:location"

I have JUST added the code described in my first mail to allow another
"feature" = call back the sms sender.


> Wow!
> Very impressive!
> So it'll be very easy to track you Frerunner back.
> Just add call to some script to silently report GPS location by SMS or
> (ab)using GRPS connection.
> And AFAIR it was heavily requested feature some time ago (considering
> SIM wasn't replaced yet).
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