[OM2009] gsm don't start after opkg update-upgrade

Tom Yates madhatter at teaparty.net
Tue Jul 14 15:52:55 CEST 2009

On Tue, 14 Jul 2009, Previdi Roberto wrote:

> hello list. I updated my OM2009 installation (3-4 days old) with opkg 
> update - opkg upgrade. After having accepted the new config files and 
> rebooted the gsm service cannot start anymore.


i'm not sure i can learn anything from your dmesg - i'm not that much of a 
guru - but i just ran into a very similar problem myself.  here's what 
happened, plus how i fixed it, in case it's useful for you.

i upgraded to the latest 2009t5, when i reboot, gsm service doesn't sart 
and paroli bitches at me.

a little digging showed that frameworkd.log was unahppy with gsm0170muxd:

2009.07.14 09:32:09.593 ogsmd.modem.abstract DEBUG    trying to open channel MISC
2009.07.14 09:32:09.601 ogsmd.modems.ti_calypso INFO     Requesting new channel from 'gsm0710muxd'
2009.07.14 09:32:13.569 ogsmd.modem.abstract ERROR    could not open channel MISC, retrying in 2 seconds

which just looped and looped.

an strace on gsm0710muxd was unhelpful, but when i killed the daemon and 
ran it manually, i got the following on stdout:

/usr/sbin/gsm0710muxd[1711]: gsm0710muxd.c:1705:start_muxer(): Configuring modem
/usr/sbin/gsm0710muxd[1711]: gsm0710muxd.c:1709:start_muxer(): Modem does not respond to AT commands, trying close mux mode
/usr/sbin/gsm0710muxd[1711]: gsm0710muxd.c:1714:start_muxer(): system-error: 'Resource temporarily unavailable' (code: 11)
/usr/sbin/gsm0710muxd[1711]: gsm0710muxd.c:1819:watchdog(): Could not open all devices and start muxer errno=11

which also looped and looped.

i did a little googling on the error "Modem does not respond to AT 
commands, trying close mux mode" and found the bug at 
http://trac.freesmartphone.org/ticket/367.  this is an old, closed bug but 
it does indicate that not keeping up with BIOS upgrades can cause this 

so i upgraded my qi to the one in the testing5 repository, rebooted and 
*bingo*!  my phone now works beautifully and i can discover the joys of 
the latest paroli.

so here's a tip to people using 2009testing: the BIOS is important.  it 
mediates stuff between the OS and hardware.  i now see that the heroes who 
put the testing images up recommend particular BIOS (qi, u-boot) versions 
for a reason - pay attention to them!


       Tom Yates  -  http://www.teaparty.net

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