community Digest, Vol 140, Issue 8

Jon 'maddog' Hall maddog at
Tue Jul 14 20:58:30 CEST 2009

Mr. Pulster,

As I promised, I have looked into your issue on your order with our
sales department.  Again, I know only what I am told by them.

The issue with the money from you was that you and Truebox made a deal
for the purchase of phones in either Euros or Pounds Sterling, Koolu is
not sure which currency was used. Koolu had insisted that the
transaction be in USD from beginning to end, but this was not followed.

You had placed the order and half way through the transaction requested
a delivery date that could not be met by Koolu due to a shipping delay
from OpenMoko.

Koolu believes the issue arose when Truebox refunded the money and the
exchange rate had dropped.  Koolu did not receive any of this money
either from Truebox or you as the purchase did not go through.

At that time Koolu was placing the order through Truebox as you
specified, so the order would be shipped through the UK to avoid
additional taxes.  Koolu did not claim that the shipment was already in
the UK.  As with the first order Truebox placed it as being shipped to
the UK from OpenMoko and then forwarded to you.

Pre-payment of the orders is something that was business practice of
Openmoko, requiring pre-payment of the orders by most resellers and
distributors.  Changes in International exchange rates also occur.

I am sorry that you apparently got caught in the exchange rate shift,
but from my viewpoint this was not Koolu's fault, and is a cost of doing
business.  Your viewpoint may be different.

On the other hand, as I said before, from my perspective this has
nothing to do with the University of Sao Paulo and the Openmoko project.


Jon "maddog" Hall

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