why openmoko is so slow? Is it a joke?

Joerg Lippmann jl_lists at donalbain.de
Tue Jul 14 21:32:09 CEST 2009

Am Montag 13 Juli 2009 schrieb Nicola Mfb:
> On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 5:06 PM, Ivan Shirokov<ivanshirokoff at gmail.com>
> wrote: [...]
> >> Well, I would say it was a very bad joke. I spent eq. of 400 dolars, I
> >> was waiting 1 year for glamo acceleration etc, etc. that would make the
> >> phone usable etc, and it turns out, that it will never be. With the slow
> >> bus, one can forget about acceleration... What can be accelerated if you
> >> have to send information about complex bitmaps...
> >
> > That's really sad =(
> AFAIK there is still some space for improvement in general responsiveness.
> Actually there is a busy loop eating CPU to wait for graphical
> operations to complete.
> There are working in progress to avoid that. When the fix will be
> ready *and* adopting a good design pattern for applications (e.g.
> GUI/logic multithreading split, fusion of frequently used phone tasks
> in monolitic one-shot load and forget applications) we may see an
> acceptable speedy freerunner.

When will that be? When the device is completely obsolete?

Sorry, but after a year of waiting I still have an expensive brick that I can 
neither use as a proper phone (speaker still WAY to low, too unstable, too 
slow, too battery-hungry) nor as a PDA (no usable software available). So I 
really regret my decision to buy it. But then again, it was touted as a real 
phone for end-users back then and being a happy Linux-User for 14 years, I 
thought that I could live with some minor flaws...

I'm really for the idea of freeing the phone (thats why I bought one), free 
hardware and the community. And I really loved to see this effort to succeed. 
But I came to realize that I start to hate this sluggish, instable device 
without good software. I cannot help it. I haven't found a single distro that 
works well out of the box. The best ones so far were QTopia/QTe and Android. 
And neither are really community efforts. So I consider my personal experiment 
(buying a community-driven phone for 300 EUR) as failed. Sorry.
jörg at home

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