using a FreeRunner without cellular service

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Wed Jul 15 08:29:06 CEST 2009

Hello list,

I am planning on buying a FreeRunner.  I need to check with my carrier
(Speak Out Wireless in Canada) about cellular usage outside of my home area,
but I may want to use my FreeRunner without cellular service.  Is this
possible?  Does it work well?  Do I have to remove my SIM or can I disable
the cellular service without removing the SIM?  I do not have a data plan.
I guess the FreeRunner should work fine without cellular service since it is
more of a handheld computer with phone functionality than only a cell phone,
but I have never used any Openmoko phone so I do not know.  My Nokia 6103b
is actually my first and only cell phone because I have had a cell phone
only since 2008, so I am relatively new to cell phones.  I am young (0x16,
which my dad says means I can drive in Silicon Valley. ;)) and am a computer
enthusiast, though, so I can easily learn new computer-related things.


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