why openmoko is so slow? Is it a joke?

DJDAS djdas at djdas.net
Wed Jul 15 10:29:02 CEST 2009

Joerg Lippmann ha scritto:
> When will that be? When the device is completely obsolete?
Please see below...
> Sorry, but after a year of waiting I still have an expensive brick that I can 
> neither use as a proper phone (speaker still WAY to low, too unstable, too 
> slow, too battery-hungry) nor as a PDA (no usable software available). 
Which distribution did you try? Have you tried looking at the archives, 
wikis and suggestions to optimize phone stability? I use it as my daily 
phone since September 2008 and missed about 10 calls and a couple of 
messages since then (I think 10 months is quite a good statistics), no 
problems with speakers, NEVER, I just tuned my alsastates 2 times (one 
before the buzzing fix and one after) with my brother on the other side 
of a call and everything worked well, battery longs about 2 days which 
is quite good for a mini-pc capable of doing almost everything 
(obviously you have to turn off unused antennas and lower the display 
backlight, I use the mid setup). What do you mean with "no usable 
software available"? I use TangoGPS, and Navit for mapping and 
navigating, qtopia stack for phone, Minimo as web browser, Neon as 
picture viewer, ShortOM for system script launching, Mokoko as media 
player, Leafpad as text editor and a bunch of other apps which work very 

> So I 
> really regret my decision to buy it. But then again, it was touted as a real 
> phone for end-users back then and being a happy Linux-User for 14 years, I 
> thought that I could live with some minor flaws...

Are you able to point me a link where the Freerunner was claimed as 
end-user phone? I follow the project since Neo1973 presentation and I 
never saw any message/announcement where the Freerunner was pointed as 
end-user device
> I'm really for the idea of freeing the phone (thats why I bought one), free 
> hardware and the community. And I really loved to see this effort to succeed. 
> But I came to realize that I start to hate this sluggish, instable device 
> without good software. 
Well dirt your hands and write some software, don't wait someone does it 
for you complaining and whining it's too late and the device is becoming 
obsolete (consider some distros are still supporting the Neo1973 so the 
Freerunner will be supported for many years to come, I think). It's easy 
to complain, more difficult participate and become part of a dream and a 
way of think and live. Whining is useless, coding pushes things forward ;)

> I cannot help it. I haven't found a single distro that 
> works well out of the box. The best ones so far were QTopia/QTe and Android. 
> And neither are really community efforts. 
If you want to try a distro (it's not so updated but it works out of the 
box) contact me be email and I'll send you informations to download a rootfs

> So I consider my personal experiment 
> (buying a community-driven phone for 300 EUR) as failed. Sorry.
Well, the only thing I can complain is hardware bugs because not so many 
people are good with soldering and fix, but after the buzzing fix I can 
definitely say my Freerunner is a great device (calling a phone is 
reductive). I will for sure be a buyer (if possible) of the next 
generation device when the Glamo will be "trashcanned" because I think 
this is the only real bad stuff that limits usability but with a little 
workarounds and theming even this is a minor problem for me.
And more important I believe in this dream and will never stop thanking 
Sean, Steve and the others for making it possible.

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