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David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Thu Jul 16 17:40:26 CEST 2009

2009/7/16 RANJAN <infibit at>:
>>> >BTW I'm curious what is the distro you are using?
> So I need to get the phone and load a DISTRO and then start the app
> development.Also to tell you my experience ,I tried using mokomake file but
> never succeeded till now.However I succeeded in the automatic emulation in
> ubuntu.IN this process I uninstalled and installed LInux 7 times.Dowloaded
> 5GB of data :(.
I understand your fustration, I have tried to use the
OpenEmbeded(Mokofile is an abstraction layer of this) aproach a lot of
times without success most of the times (multiply by 15 or 16 the
amount of Gb :P), but this aproach for my understanding is killing
flies with a cannon. Mokofile and OE aproach is intentended to build
and tweak a full distribution not to make a Python application.
You no need this to do so. a working python app in a desktop will work
in Neo free runner. the main problems is than desktop normaly doesn't
have the GSM/GPS stuff to do the SMS app you want to develop. But you
can start to do the skeleton of the app reading the apis etc and when
your Neo arrives finish and test it.
Believe me this will save you a lot of fustration. Because of the
emulation aproach will not work for you either because the lack of
working GSM/GPS stack too. Emulation works fine in the UI desing part
or if your app does't have any GSM/GPS/Accelerometers/ dependency

I send a copy of the anwer to the list, please lets mantain this
interesting conversation there
> Sriranjan

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