Anti-Whining: Happy Moko Moments

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak seba.dos1 at
Fri Jul 17 01:15:38 CEST 2009

On 7/17/09, Vikas Saurabh <vikas.saurabh at> wrote:
> I am totally awed with this mini-comp with not-so-good-yet-workable GSM
> capabilities.
> But the best hack/trick I could try on my FR was when I was totally out of
> any comp anywhere (linux/win) although there was WiFi available and I wanted
> to flash SHR-U on the device.
> Well it was so simple...I just browsed to shr-u images link and downloaded
> the tar.gz. Created a new partition on my SD card. Untarred the image on
> that parition. Put noboot-GTA02 in the original partition. Reboot and voila
> I was working on SHR-U.
> It was an amazing feeling:
> * Flash your phone with a new OS
> * No USB cable
> * No trick to start flashing
> * Using one distro to install another
> woah! me any phone that can do fact i don't even know of any
> mainstream linux distributions for desktop which would support that :)

Look at Debian and debootstrap ;) (that's also the way of installing
Debian on FreeRunner)

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