Anti-Whining: Happy Moko Moments

Jose Luis Perez Diez perezdiez at
Fri Jul 17 09:49:31 CEST 2009

El Thursday, 16 de July de 2009 21:13:20 Warren Baird va escriure:
> What are your successes with the Freerunner?

I have converted the neo with om2009 on an usable development system using 
distcc and make from Angstrom repositories and the toolchain on the host.

I tested it building rakudo from scrtatch in less than 5 hours. 

istcc at om-gta02:~/rakudo-2009-06$ time ./perl6 -e'"hello 
movile".say' ;time ./perl6 --version
hello movile

real    0m43.844s
user    0m30.220s
sys     0m2.185s
This is Rakudo Perl 6.

Copyright 2006-2009, The Perl Foundation.

real    0m39.924s
user    0m27.445s
sys     0m2.205s

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