Anti-Whining: Happy Moko Moments

Tom Yates madhatter at
Fri Jul 17 11:50:30 CEST 2009

i know this isn't really impressive, but i use mine as a phone.  every 
day.  it's been my main phone since i got it last august, and while it's 
not been trouble-free, fully-updated OM2009t5 is perfectly usable for me.

however, my great moments have all come from having this device that can 
do lots of *other* things.  gprs+tango to make some emergency navigation 
decisions out in the cambridgeshire fens; various web browsers when i was 
out and about and desperately needed to check some random fact; using the 
thing as an ssh client, to access a remote server to run whois when i 
needed to check domain name availability there and then; impressing my 
11-year-old niece, who has high standards for device coolness, by running 
mokomaze - even though the phone doesn't come in pink or mirror-finish.

i wouldn't have carried devices around to do any of these things, but with 
the moko, i get them all thrown in for free.  and the sense of community 
at mokomeets has been pretty good fun, as well.


       Tom Yates  -

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