I need a cookbook. Pleeeease...

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Sat Jul 18 15:12:43 CEST 2009

Hello community:
As the "I love/I hate Openmoko" thread unfold, I want voice my opinion:
I don't know. 

I don't know because my phone came with some QT stuff that I haven't been 
able to figure out and seems to not be discussed in this list. 

So I've made a decided decision!
But I need help... 

Obvious help...
This may seem abusive because I know that this information is out there, but 
I faced the choice to get an Iphone that will "just work" (sort of anyway) 
or get the device I *KNOW* I need, and I don't regret my decision, but I 
just don't have the time now to devote to this toy.
I *REALLY* need a working tool... 

I am unbelievable tied up in other projects and my new phone has been 
sitting for 2 weeks on my desk...   :( 

Done with the apology, I hope someone here can provide me a simple cookbook 
to change this QT thing to the latest Openmoko.
Something like: 

1.- Go to (http://...) and connect the phone to your computer (I have this 
2.- Go to (http://...) and and flash the phone with the latest GSM (Maybe?)
3.- Go to (http://...) and and flash the phone with the latest ... 1
N.- Go to (http://...) and and flash the phone with the latest ... n
END .- Reboot the thing and SCREAM!!! 

Any help will be appreciated.
If you feel a compelling need to insulting me for asking for obvious help, 
please feel free to ignore thos message and save the list another useless 
flame war.

PS: But I *LOVE* the little I've seen...   :)

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