gsm restart

Petr Vanek vanous at
Sat Jul 18 17:50:40 CEST 2009

>> what could we do to allow us, users, to be able to learn about this
>> new things earlier and help test using them? i find that i learn
>> about things way too late... like this fso-abyss thing and bluetooth
>> support... i try to keep up with the git commits but it's limited.
>> irc is not really an option everybody can afford timewise...
>> Petr
>fso-abyss is default in SHR - next image will use it out of box. About
>bluetooth - BT support was added ages ago and it was described on wiki

maybe you haven't noticed, but i am trying to be constructive, asking
question "what could we do to change this".

it perhaps has been described on wiki but the reality is that majority
of fr owners didn't know it was functional already so it wasn't used.

if this, as developer, satisfies you, well, so be it.


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