Anti-Whining: Happy Moko Moments

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Sun Jul 19 04:29:29 CEST 2009

My 2 Cents:

My goal is to have the FR with me on a one week outdoor holiday without 
power plants, without battery shops etc.
(Mainly is GPS tracking, and some GPRS/UMTS connects).
So I was trying different ways to keep the phone charged 24/24 + 7/7 by 
alternative resources: solar power, bycicle dynamo, even a hand crank.

See some funny pictures on my site:

It is surprising, how difficult and even hard it is, to produce 
electricity this way.
By using the hand crank, I could even 'feel' the power consumption of the 
So this gave me an impression, how important a power-saving software 
development is (this is something that can/should also be done on the 
application level), and second:

It is sursprising how resistent the FR is against strange power input!
I now really have feed the phone with almost everything between 1.0 and 
12 Volt, real DC and some badly smoothed DC, and it is still alive!
Also playing with the different options of charging currents is pretty 
much fun and I learned a lot about USB power specs etc. and I must say 
that FR really does everything right, in contrast to many different other 
USB power leeching devices.


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