PISI 0.3 released

Petr Vanek vanous at penguin.cz
Sun Jul 19 16:33:33 CEST 2009

>could someone help me with setting this up? i've got a new conf file,
>with the necessary items in, so now pimlico dates appears in the
>calendar list
>my conf file contains this:
>description=My Google Calendar
>user=robin.paulson at gmail.com
>password=<my password>
>calendarid=robin.paulson at gmail.com
>description= Pimlico Dates
>when i select the corresponding items in the pisi gui, and hit start,
>it reports 'Configuring (0%)', but does nothing
>i'm guessing i've stuffed up the config for gcalendar, but can't see

on shr-u, make sure you have pisi and dates installed. you have to run
dates at least once for the storage file to exist.

relevant section of my ./pisi/conf:

description=My Google Calendar
user=petrnek at gmail.com
calendarid=petrnek at gmail.com

description= Pimlico Dates

This is it. Btw the calendar sync in pisi doesn't have conflict mode
settings so if you reinstall your distro (like i did now) and your
appointments are in google only, they will get erased...fortunately
there is a backup in the .pisi dir :)

good luck

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