OpenMoko on HTC-Dream

GNUtoo GNUtoo at
Sun Jul 19 20:43:02 CEST 2009

On Sun, 2009-07-19 at 13:31 +0200, David Lanzendörfer wrote:
> ndroid-Handy).
> (framebuffer console)
> That means: Android linux kernel + OpenMoko (Angstrom) user space.
> When someone is interested in participating the development, youre
> welcome to 
> help me.
> greatings
>         leviathan
me and other people were doing the contrary:
free the android stack of the G1,mainly because we thought that it was
easier(and also easier for me because I've no G1,so I thought that if I
had to debug early boot failure it would be a lot harder if I've not the
phone and without serial
port( have serial
working ))
so I've some questions:
*does the telephony part work?
*does the GPS part work?
*does the wifi work?


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