OpenMoko on HTC-Dream

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at
Sun Jul 19 22:22:26 CEST 2009

> WOW!!!

> me and other people were doing the contrary:
Ok, I always wondered why someone would install some piece of shit like 
android on any device, especially on such a great device like the FIC 

> free the android stack of the G1,mainly because we thought that it was
> easier(and also easier for me because I've no G1,so I thought that if I
> had to debug early boot failure it would be a lot harder if I've not the
> phone and without serial
> port( have serial
> working ))
Freeing android? Look please onto the screen!
First what you see is the google logo. And before cupcake you weren't able to 
even use it unless you logged into google with a personal account.
And without hacking you never ever get something like a root shell.
They can write "Linux phone" as long as they want, as long as I cant do 
anything with it, its worthless.
When I wanted to have a phone, on which you cant do anything and which data 
mines you all the time, I also could buy a WindowsCE-Smartphone or an iPhone.

> so I've some questions:
> *does the telephony part work?
> *does the GPS part work?
> *does the wifi work?
No, but Im glad, that I got this f* userspace off of my handy.

> Denis.
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