[openBmap] [Debian] New release of GSM cells logger 0.3.2: now in Debian feeds

Onen onen.om at free.fr
Sun Jul 19 23:28:03 CEST 2009

Hi everyone,

a new release has hit the repositories, version 0.3.2. Main highlight: 
openbmap-logger is now in the Debian feeds thanks to Sebastian Reichel!

The purpose of this software is to log GSM data, together with
GPS coordinate. This data are sent to the website (www.openbmap.org),
in order to build a free database.

Possible uses of this database:
* get your location based on the current GSM cell you are connected to.
(GPS needs extra power to function, GSM is always on. Less precise
than GPS, but enough for a lot of usages. Instant location, GPS
needs time to get a fix.)
* speed up GPS first time to fix by providing the location based
on GSM data
* geolocate your photos when taken
* get a map of GSM coverage

 From the README:

(Version 0.3.1 has never been officially released.)
* Debian package.
* Button images do not embed any more text. The text is now a regular
label under the image.
* Button text is now "Start" instead of "Generate".
* rxlev added to serving cell XML log, if available.
* timing advance is available, but deactivated. It needs to be logged
only on specific situation.
* Application logging level set to INFO by default.
* Logging level of some application messages have been changed.
* In a loop, time is now limited to get all data necessary.

As always, thanks to mrmoku from SHR and Stefan Schmidt from FSO for 
bringing this new version to the feeds too.

Help us to build a free database of GSM coverage!

Comments are always welcome! (GUI will be replaced in next release.)


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