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Hello list,

I have ordered a buzz-fixed rev A6 FreeRunner from SDG Systems.  I chose the
A6 instead of A7 because I could get an A6 FreeRunner + DBoard for the price
of only an A7 FreeRunner.  I hope I do not regret knowingly buying an old
hardware revision, though.

Anyway, I am concerned about the reliability of the FreeRunner’s resistive
touch screen after a poor experience with my Palm Z22’s resistive touch
screen.  I bought my Palm Z22 in 2006-08 from London Drugs (a retail
department store in Canada) in Delta, British Columbia, Canada.  The
manufacturer’s warranty was only 1 year.  London Drugs offered me a 3-year
extended warranty, but I declined because I never seem to use these extended
warranties when I have previously bought them.  Anyway, my Palm Z22’s touch
screen first stopped working in 2009-06.  I queried Google Search and found
forum threads from other Palm PDA (not Palm phone) users whose touch screens
stopped working too.  I managed to make the touch screen work again by
pushing down on and bending the screen, but it stopped working again and has
not worked since 2009-06.  This is one of the few times I could have
actually used the retailer’s extended warranty.  Yesterday (Saturday), I
bought a T5 miniature Torx screwdriver so I could open my Palm Z22.  Neither
I nor my dad, who is an Electrical Engineer and a Professional Engineer,
could make the touch screen work again.  My dad suggested wrapping my
disassembled Palm Z22 in a plastic bag to protect it from frost and leaving
it in the freezer.  I tried this:  the touch screen worked again while it
was still cold, but stopped working again after it warmed up.

Anyway, is this same thing going to happen with my FreeRunner’s resistive
touch screen before I have even had it for 3 years? :( How old is the oldest
FreeRunner (or any other consumer device with a resistive touch screen) with
a touch screen that still works?


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