OpenMoko on HTC-Dream

GNUtoo GNUtoo at
Mon Jul 20 00:52:46 CEST 2009

On Sun, 2009-07-19 at 22:22 +0200, David Lanzendörfer wrote:
> > WOW!!!
> Thx
> > me and other people were doing the contrary:
> Ok, I always wondered why someone would install some piece of shit like 
> android on any device, especially on such a great device like the FIC 
> NeoFreerunner.
No I wasn't involved in doing it for the freerunner...just for the
G1...the freerunner already has a free android
> > free the android stack of the G1,mainly because we thought that it was
> > easier(and also easier for me because I've no G1,so I thought that if I
> > had to debug early boot failure it would be a lot harder if I've not the
> > phone and without serial
> > port( have serial
> > working ))
> Freeing android? Look please onto the screen!
> First what you see is the google logo. And before cupcake you weren't able to 
> even use it unless you logged into google with a personal account.
> And without hacking you never ever get something like a root shell.
That's what you have by default when buying the G1...we planned to
remove or replace the following:
*proprietary google applications
*proprietary userland "drivers" like the ril,the libgl,*libgps*,etc..
Personally I higly prefer a standard embedded GNU/Linux,for several
*better known,so we are sure that there are no spying features
*a lot of need to port the source code or rewrit
*may(I'm not sure) be easier to make the gps,and telephony(thanks to
FSO) work
> They can write "Linux phone" as long as they want, as long as I cant do 
> anything with it, its worthless.
> When I wanted to have a phone, on which you cant do anything and which data 
> mines you all the time, I also could buy a WindowsCE-Smartphone or an iPhone.
> > so I've some questions:
> > *does the telephony part work?
> > *does the GPS part work?
> > *does the wifi work?
> No, but Im glad, that I got this f* userspace off of my handy.
> > Denis.
> David

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