Any distro with working calls?

Petr Vanek vanous at
Mon Jul 20 10:49:43 CEST 2009

>2009/7/20 Aleksey "AlekSi" Palazhchenko <alek at>:
>> If I'm wrong and there *is* a way to make and receive a calls without
>> pain, please point me to this wonderful distribution and wiki-page
>> with step-by-step instructions.
>om2009, latest version works great on mine. no changes or other config
>needed, install and go is all you have to do
>shr-unstable works not quite as reliably and sometimes needs some
>minor fiddling, but is still good and worth looking at

lol, i would put exactly the other way - om2009 needs fiddling for me,
SHR-u works out of box. Any new user: please be aware that each single
device is a bit different, especially when it comes to audio volume.

Anyways, for me, SHR-U is a stable phone that doesn't require any kind
of adjustment to have a working phone right after flashing.


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