[FSO] Paroli/frameworkd version?

Evgeniy Karyakin anthropophagite at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 13:02:03 CEST 2009

Hello list!

  After long hibernation I finally have time to play with dusty
Freerunner again, so I got "standard" fso-paroli-image-om-gta02.jffs2
testing image and did a 'opkg update; opkg upgrade' mantra. Now I'd
like to know which version of Paroli and FSO framework I have inside.
The reason for this interest is to determine who's responsible for
this bug: http://www.paroli-project.org/trac/ticket/198 -- first
thought was Paroli is too recent (or frameworkd is too outdated) to
match with this method, but according to git.freesmartphone.org it was
there from the very beginning.

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