Intone 0.60 Almost Stable ;-)

c_c cchandel at
Mon Jul 20 13:03:53 CEST 2009


Laszlo KREKACS wrote:
>>Im wondering why that many dependencies are required.
 Well, OM2009 doesn't yet have mplayer in the feeds. 
 Even if it did, the one normally in the feeds is generally the one linked
against floating point libvorbis. Using the version linked against
libivorbis (which uses integer based decoding) reduces CPU usage by about
50%. Hence the recommendation to use the one so graciously provided by
PaulTT. Ideally, one day when people have time to contribute a patch/.bb
file, mplayer from the feeds will be linked against tremor/libivorbis.

Laszlo KREKACS wrote:
>>Another remark, if intone crash (segmentation fault) mplayer keep
>>running, until it finishes the current song. 
  Can you kindly let me know the steps to duplicate the crash so I can fix
it? There was one happening if you were in album art view and selected
another plalylist. That's been fixed.

Laszlo KREKACS wrote:
>>Oh, I almost forgot: why the volume is going only between 70% and 100%?
>>In other word, where is the mute button? Or should I pause it?
  :-) Well, I thought the volume below 70% was almost inaudible. Using the
pause button to mute saves me space neede for another button.

Davide wrote:
>>Any news on "my" songs scanning bug? 
  Well, I couldn't find anything wrong. The thing is that when I tried
creating a similar file structure on an ext3 filesystem - I had problems
with permissions and links. Though once those were sorted out - the scan
worked fine. Can you recheck the permissions? Also, I've managed to delete
the file you sent me (with the output of ls -R). Can you resend it? Thanks.
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