Mplayer with rebased Andrzej Zaborowski patch for -vo glamo

Martin Jansa martin.jansa at
Mon Jul 20 13:25:14 CEST 2009


sorry for delay, my previous post of this patch was stopped by "too
large attachement rule", sorry for this still quite big gziped one.

In attachement is patch for OE repo (for shr-import branch few weeks old),
which will add support for -vo glamo in mplayer_svn.git.

I rebased glamo patch from Andrzej Zaborowski to last mplayer svn revision
29415, sofar it works for me.

In OE mplayer there was 
--enable-tremor-low       enable lower accuracy internal Tremor
enabled, but I'll check if external tremor performs better.

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