Compatibility with dual sim tool

emanuele carrea emanue at
Mon Jul 20 15:40:51 CEST 2009

Hi guys, just lost my phone and it's the best occasion for buying a

As I'd like to use it for both work and home number, I'd like to know if it
might work with this dual-sim tool:

They have two options: a version with sim card cutting and a version that
allow not to cut it. I'd prefer the second one, for being the second sim
card belonging to the office.
Mainly I think it's a space problem, but I really know a few about the free
runner sw compatibility and the space inside.

Forgot to mention that I'd have no problem to use it with OpenMoko and
Android, for if they have different compatibility.

I really hope to have an answer as it would give a definitive solution to my
phone problems!.

Thanks a lot.

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