Any distro with working calls?

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Mon Jul 20 16:06:32 CEST 2009

I've had pretty good luck with both QtEI (now called qtmoko) and OM2009TR5 -
On OM2009 I had to tweak the default alsa config a bit.  A thread about it,
with what I did and various comments is at
- note that there is some debate over whether this is a good idea.

If you are having problems with the audio quality, I'd suggest you get a
buzz fix as soon as possible.  Until then, I'd suggest you tweak the alsa
config file to see if you can get something usable - my process was to set
my laptop next to a landline - run alsamixer via ssh, and then dial the
landline from my FR.  I then basically experiemented with the controls
described in
I got something relatively buzz-free that still let me hear the other


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> Dear community,
> I'm very happy to see developer's activity among us. There are many
> versions of bootloaders, kernels and distributions. They allow us to
> start a X server and play simple games. They allow us to bring Linux
> to our pockets.
> But let's not forget that FreeRunner is a smartphone. Every phone
> (even not-so-smart) allows user to make and receive a calls -- without
> noize, buzz and strong echo, without the mandatory use of headsets. Is
> it possible with FreeRunner? Currently I'm only able to make a calls
> with headset -- at low-level volume, but at least without echo and
> noize. I can't receive them because of strong echo and very loud
> volume.
> If I'm wrong and there *is* a way to make and receive a calls without
> pain, please point me to this wonderful distribution and wiki-page
> with step-by-step instructions.
> p. s. I'm sorry for this rant in bad English, but I can't wait any longer.
> --
> Aleksey "AlekSi" Palazhchenko
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