Mplayer with rebased Andrzej Zaborowski patch for -vo glamo

PaulTT paultt at
Mon Jul 20 17:08:03 CEST 2009

> sorry for delay, my previous post of this patch was stopped by "too
> large attachement rule", sorry for this still quite big gziped one.
> In attachement is patch for OE repo (for shr-import branch few weeks old),
> which will add support for -vo glamo in mplayer_svn.git.
> I rebased glamo patch from Andrzej Zaborowski
> to last mplayer svn revision
> 29415, sofar it works for me.

when did you -or andrzej- posted the patch above to mplayer
development mailing list?
i couldn't found it in there....
(the only thread nameing glamo was of oct 2008, and not really a patchset)
please do.

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