Any distro with working calls?

Aleksey "AlekSi" Palazhchenko alek.silverstone at
Mon Jul 20 21:21:52 CEST 2009

Hi list,

Robin, Petr, thanks, I will try om2009 and SHR tomorrow. Last time I
tried they was hardly usable.

>> As of last week there is a new release of android available at koolu:
>> stable, polished, also the battery issue seems to have been solved.
> Isn't that the one that cannot receive calls...?
Yeah, it can't now -- people calling me says that my line is busy. But
I'm _very_ impressed by Android. I hope receiving issue will be fixed

> If you are having problems with the audio quality, I'd suggest you get a buzz fix as soon as possible.
Will do soon.

> I've had pretty good luck with both QtEI (now called qtmoko)...
Ah, it's a sore point. I'm a Qt developer and I really like Qt. But
with QtExt 4.4.3 I was only possible to make outgoing calls with
headset at more-or-less good quality level. All ingoing calls a
_extremely_ loud, with strong echo, etc.
And than I tried qtmoko (Qt Extended Improved)... Slow, very unstable.
Actually first post in this thread was writing after trying it.

Aleksey "AlekSi" Palazhchenko

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