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   Go ahead and report at qi-hardware, so I can share the answers with

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> Nice geek gadget!!
> (i also would like to have one)
> Do you have protypes and a working kernel? I could not stop my
> internal engieering questions!! ;)

   The device  has been shipping for a while. What we have done is take that
   existing device, re layout the keyboard  and start the process of getting
a kernel
   up and working on it. The kernel is up and working and now comes the task
   of stabilizing it before shipping.

> My mainly question, rather that what is the target audience, what do
> you have in mind when you design the NanoNote? Some Assistant?

  We selected the device as a good point to start a roadmap. That is, it is
  just the beginning. A good place to start.. cpu, color screen, keyboard,
  Going forward we work with the community to make that roadmap into a

> One important thing is that it has USB 2.0, and doesn't have the glamo:)

  No glamo.  check the website for a more in depth discussion of USB and

> Another important thing is MIPS!!! I only remember to develop some sw
> in MIPS at University in one assembler simulator (a MIPSR2000/3000).
> Other architecture to learn!! ;)
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