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> Ouch!
> So you need to connect a mouse that is larger than the device to  
> position any scrollbars or press buttons? Or does it have a large  
> enough trackpad somewhere?
>    There is a 4 way key that can be used for up/down/right/left.  
> etc . And an additional
>    key for up and down.  ( or vol+- )
>    Not sure where you got the mouse idea.

That is "my own view" (TM) what is needed to make it useable.

Have you ever tried to operate a UI with the mouse-pointer paradigm  
through arrow keys?

So I expect that someone needs to write is a complete UI stack for  
arrow-key-only operation. Plus applications. No compatibility to most  
FOSS. Unless we restrict the Non-G-UI to commandline and ncurses.

> What I wonder is how it will compare to this one:
> and its community project - it appears also to be quite open - but  
> not free(dom):
>     And it locks you into a service plan. Not much point in  
> comparing apples and oranges.

Hint: they have approx. 3 or 4 years experience with this device class  
and users of such devices. And they may have an (economic) reason to  
offer that with a service plan...

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