Run browser as root. Do I want to do *THAT* ? :(

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Wed Jul 22 13:53:34 CEST 2009

Good morning Universe after the eclipse... 

Short background:
I finally flashed my GSM with (something)11 and installed Parolli on my 
Didn't like it (or couldn't figure it out) and re-flashed it with SHR.
WAAAAY easier to deal with than the QT thing it came with, and better 
"conversation quality" (both ways) 

Still learning... 

So I started the browser.
Browser comes with warning "running as root"
Kill browser... 

Now the question:
I want to create a user to run the browser with (easy),
and then configure the icon to run the browser using that user (no clue)
Thanks!   :)

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