om2009 activating wifi

pike pike-openmoko at
Wed Jul 22 23:03:24 CEST 2009


>> One thing you must do, is "ifdown usb0" in the command line.

Or "route del default gw".

But I've removed the default usb route from /etc/networking/.
I *never* connect outwards through usb. I use a mac.
So I dont have to do that anymore. What I tried to say is,
its all working fine now .. except

I have to 'activate' the wifi driver in paroli first.
Before that, eth0 is just completely non-existant as
a device; ifup,ifdown,iwconfig and friends will just
not see it. eth0 - no such device.

So the question is, what does "activate" mean
in paroli ? what does it do ?


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