om2009 activating wifi

pike pike-openmoko at
Wed Jul 22 23:18:14 CEST 2009


> are there any other tips for wifi? ive tried monfi and saskia and
> still have yet to get a connection at work or home.
> so besides this usb0 thing and turning on the wifi radio what other
> steps are there?

none of the gui's ever got me a connection.
it's working fine now after doing it manually
a 1000 times and finally wrapping that up in
a shell script today.

How it works manually depends on your setup.

If you're not using wep or wpa (like i dont),
its basicly a combination of the right
/etc/network/interfaces, ifup, ifdown (and
iwconfig to speed it up). ifup should call
udhcpc for you. iwlist is your friend, too.

if you are using wep or wpa, i guess you'd
need to write a wpa_supplicant.

All that is described here

except for how to exactly set up
I figured that out by reading examples...

Indeed, it wasnt easy. For me.


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