Intone binary (to test bluetooth headset issues)

c_c cchandel at
Thu Jul 23 04:22:56 CEST 2009

  I thought it would be best if I could keep all the bluetooth headset and
control keys (AVRCP) issues in one thread for future reference.
  I'm posting a binary that :-

1. rejects a second play/pause press (happens on at least one headset
automatically) if it happens with 150ms of the first one
2. prints out when it rejects the second play/pause key press
3. is more tolerant to the bluetooth blips
4. should recover automatically from broken connections with bluetooth
headsets and play from speakers
5. Automatically insmod's 'uinput' for the AVRCP keypress detection
6. Switches on bluetooth on selecting bluetooth streaming

 It also fixes the Pause not working after pressing back key (>5 secs from
beginning of song) pointed out by Staley, Daniel L.

  I request all users who have any feedback to mention the following :-
1. headset model
2. whether the keys works or not
3. any peculiarities (like the Plantronics Voyager 855 that sends 2 presses
for play/pause)
4. any other keys that need support (vol +/- etc) and their scan codes. To
get the scan code run intone from the terminal. It will print a message like
"keyname-Keycode-171,Keycode-171". Please post the message here.
5. anything else that you feel is relevant and helpful for debugging etc

Thanks intone 
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