[openBmap] GSM/GPS logger 0.4.0 is out!

Onen onen.om at free.fr
Thu Jul 23 21:59:25 CEST 2009

Hi everyone,

comments from people have been used to build a new graphical interface! 
I hope you will like it! The list of changes can be found below...

Thanks to mrmoku, Stefan Schmidt, and Sebastian Reichel, the packages 
are available in SHR, FSO, Debian, etc feeds.
opkg|apt-get install openbmap-logger !

The purpose of this software is to log GSM data, together with
GPS coordinate. This data are sent to the website (www.openbmap.org),
in order to build a free database.

Possible uses of this database:
* get your location based on the current GSM cell you are connected to.
(GPS needs extra power to function, GSM is always on. Less precise
than GPS, but enough for a lot of usages. Instant location, GPS
needs time to get a fix.)
* speed up GPS first time to fix by providing the location based
on GSM data
* etc.

* New graphical interface!
* Glade file path not hardcoded anymore.
* Application logging level now in config file.
* Added cells seen statistics.
* Details in CHANGELOG.

The version number 0.3.3 has been used in logs uploaded to the server.
It was meant as a testing number for version 0.4.0 only.

* Please note that if you have your .openBmap folder located on your uSD 
card, setting the application logging output level to debug seems to 
make the logger take too much time for looping, thus rejecting the logs. 
By default, the level is set to info, and works well.

* Note that the application refused to launch after an upgrade of SHR. 
This was because the GSM resource was not enabled. That means I had no 
working GSM anyway. Try rebooting ;-)


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