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Tony Berth tonyberth at
Fri Jul 24 11:52:17 CEST 2009

just few comments from a European! :)

Its just FINE that you base your company in China.
China is worldwide a synonym of superior quality and most advanced
technology in terms of electronics and they are catching up extremely fast
with the rest of the industrial activities.

I wouldn't care about Sisvel. Let them try to sue you in ... China :) What
Sisvel 'defines' is useless and they know that. How may chinese companies
were sued anyway? :)

iPhone is WAY too expensive! A pure Mickey Mouse device.

What I would like to see from your product would be a about 150EUR one where
I can install by myself the needed s/w (OpenMoko style!) and use it as a
portable multimedia player - for the beginning! :)

In general is a NICE TRY and hope you'll release soon a ready to run device.



On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 10:41 AM, Christoph Pulster <openmoko at>wrote:

> >> 2. you announce products which are not exitant for sales.
> >  It is our intention to announce roadmaps in the most open way
> customers prefer to know less and creat rumours.
> >> 3. you got no MPEG-patent licences.
> >       We don't need them.
> Nobody needs them, but you have to pay them anyway.
> (Sisvel definition: any piece of HW who can decode MPEG algorith)
> >> 2. you base on "made in China" (synonym for crap in Europe)
> >      Iphone is made in China.
> I am mentioning a marketing problem.
> I am mentioning a quality problem.
> Besides, Iphone backside says "assambled in China".
> >> 3. the PDA clam-shell form factor is obsolete
> > Not a single one commented negatively about the clamshell.
> Psion Plc. invent the clamshell and set the top-level of usable keyboard
> verses form-factor with Series 3 twenty years ago.
> We are in the SMS/twitter age now. Some vitual keyboard with multi-touch
> usability is sufficient. People who want to write full sentences buy a
> pencil with white paper.
> In general, what advantage does the NanoNote have to an Iphone with
> Linux installed ?
> Christoph
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