tangogps : updating tiles ?

Ed Kapitein ed at kapitein.org
Fri Jul 24 12:33:38 CEST 2009

On Fri, 2009-07-24 at 22:25 +1200, Robin Paulson wrote:
> 2009/7/21 Ed Kapitein <ed at kapitein.org>:
> > for TILE in `find /path/to/tiles -type f`; do
> >  echo "${TILE}"
> >  FILE=`basename "${TILE}"`
> >  L1=`dirname "${TILE}" | gawk -F"/" '{ print $NF}'`
> >  L2=`dirname "${TILE}" | gawk -F"/" '{ print $(NF-1)}'`
> >  curl --output "${TILE}"
> > http://tile.openstreetmap.org/"${L2}"/"${L1}"/"${FILE}"
> > done
> >
> > curl and http are on the same line, you mail program might split in over
> > two lines.
> this updates the tiles on the moko regardless of whether or not they
> have been re-rendered, right?

Yup, the original poster didn't mind downloading all the tiles he had
> very useful, yaouh won't update tiles from the NoName layer, so having
> this is great

> it was going very slowly, so i added a '-s' to the curl command, and i
> think things go a lot quicker now. no feedback, of course

Please also take a look at the aproach mentioned by Christophe Badoit in
this ML.
It uses keep alive and could be much faster.
The script was just whipped up in 5 minutes without to much carefull
considerations ;-)

Kind regards,

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