This stupid phone is unbelievable COOL!!!! 8)

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> So I do:
> kitepilot at beechjet:~$ ssh -fCX root at /usr/bin/midori
> And I have the browser running in my desktop monitor.
> Only *TRUE* geeks can appreciate that!   ;-)

That reminds me of when I used my dad’s Eee PC (701?  The original model,
with 4 GB of NAND flash memory) to use OpenSSH’s X11 forwarding to run Quake
III: Arena (Q3A) on my desktop PC running Gentoo Linux (I have since
switched to Ubuntu because Gentoo was far more hassle than it was worth) and
display and control Q3A from the Eee PC, which was on the second floor of my
house and wirelessly connected to the Internet gateway, which has a wired
Ethernet connection to my desktop PC on the ground floor! :D

I can also do pointless but amusing things like ssh to k7t266 (my Ubuntu PC
at home) from my cannon (my Ubuntu PC at work), then use the Hamachi VPN
client to connect to my employer’s Hamachi network, ssh to Repository (our
Debian Linux file server at work), then finally ssh back to cannon. :D

Of course, if you have to ask why, you are not part of the intended
audience! :)
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