This stupid phone is unbelievable COOL!!!! 8)

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Sat Jul 25 02:54:21 CEST 2009

I can relate to this one...
I was tasked to port this UNIX application from CORBA to Axis2C and I was 
handed out a (WHAT?!) Window$ XP laptop... 

I dual booted the Laptop (to have a fall back resource) and installed 
Kubuntu.  I slapped a virtual XP on top to do the windoze thing (Outlook ans 
stuff like that).  Then I created a Samba share that was pointed to an sshfs 
mounted to the UNIX machine so I could browse the source directly from the 
XP machine without scaring anyone. 

For "work at home" days, I would fire the virtual M$, connect to the VPN and 
login into the UNIX machine.  Then I would set a reverse tunnel to my server 
and then a reverse tunnel to the laptop. 

I had scripts that detected the environment and mounted the filesystem 
Pretty geeky...   :)

PS: Gave up SHR.
Now I am OpenWRT(ing)
Hope it works... 


Brolin Empey writes: 

> 2009/7/22 <lists at> 
>> So I do: 
>> kitepilot at beechjet:~$ ssh -fCX root at /usr/bin/midori 
>> And I have the browser running in my desktop monitor.
>> Only *TRUE* geeks can appreciate that!   ;-) 
> That reminds me of when I used my dad’s Eee PC (701?  The original model,
> with 4 GB of NAND flash memory) to use OpenSSH’s X11 forwarding to run Quake
> III: Arena (Q3A) on my desktop PC running Gentoo Linux (I have since
> switched to Ubuntu because Gentoo was far more hassle than it was worth) and
> display and control Q3A from the Eee PC, which was on the second floor of my
> house and wirelessly connected to the Internet gateway, which has a wired
> Ethernet connection to my desktop PC on the ground floor! :D 
> I can also do pointless but amusing things like ssh to k7t266 (my Ubuntu PC
> at home) from my cannon (my Ubuntu PC at work), then use the Hamachi VPN
> client to connect to my employer’s Hamachi network, ssh to Repository (our
> Debian Linux file server at work), then finally ssh back to cannon. :D 
> Of course, if you have to ask why, you are not part of the intended
> audience! :)

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