[fso] no bluetooth

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Sat Jul 25 14:17:17 CEST 2009

> nodes, which kernel version are you using?

the default debian kernel (ie nothing home brewed),
# uname -a
Linux debian-gta02 2.6.28-20090105.git69b2aa26 #1 PREEMPT Tue Mar 3  
20:22:28 UTC 2009 armv4tl GNU/Linux

> Can you check whether you see any
> bluetooth nodes in /sys/bus/platform/devices?

what should i look for?

# ls   /sys/bus/platform/devices/
alarm              gta02-hdq.0          neo1973-resume.0     
pcf50633-regltr.4  s3c2440-i2c
bq27000-battery.0  gta02-led.0          neo1973-version.0    
pcf50633-regltr.5  s3c2440-nand
generic-bl.1       gta02-pm-wlan.0      neo1973-vibrator.0   
pcf50633-regltr.6  s3c2440-sdi
glamo-2d.0         lis302dl.1           pcf50633-adc         
pcf50633-regltr.7  s3c2440-ts
glamo3362.0        lis302dl.2           pcf50633-input       
pcf50633-regltr.8  s3c2440-uart.0
glamo-3d.0         neo1973-button.0     pcf50633-mbc         
pcf50633-regltr.9  s3c2440-uart.1
glamo-fb.0         neo1973-memconfig.0  pcf50633-regltr.0    
pcf50633-rtc       s3c2440-uart.2
glamo-jpeg.0       neo1973-pm-bt.0      pcf50633-regltr.1    
physmap-flash.0    s3c2440-usbgadget
glamo-mci.0        neo1973-pm-gps.0     pcf50633-regltr.10   
s3c2410-iis        s3c24xx_pwm.0
glamo-mpeg.0       neo1973-pm-gsm.0     pcf50633-regltr.2    
s3c2410-ohci       sc32440_fiq.0
glamo-spi-gpio.0   neo1973-pm-host.0    pcf50633-regltr.3    
s3c2410-wdt        soc-audio

# ls   /sys/bus/platform/devices/neo1973-pm-bt.0
bus     microamps_requested_BT_3V2  power     reset           subsystem
driver  modalias

# cat  /sys/bus/platform/devices/neo1973-pm-bt.0/power_on

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