Nicolas Cavallari batchman at free.fr
Sat Jul 25 14:42:16 CEST 2009

jumper dev a écrit :
> hi,
> I have a strange problem using the dfu-util..
> when I use "dfu-util - l" and OM is NOT connected I get :
> Found Runtime: [0x413c:0x8126] devnum=0, cfg=0, intf=3, alt=0,
> name="UNDEFINED"
> how can it find a device connected when I have none?
> thanks.

the DFU interface is a USB standard, it's not specific to moko devices.

0x413c:0x8126 is a Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth. So you could actually flash your bluetooth module
using dfu if you wanted to brick it ;)

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